The terms of service are important to know my conditions and way of working while making commissions.


I will only start an order once FULL payment has been made via a Paypal Invoice sent by me.When I send the invoice, you will have up to 3 days to pay it, once the date has passed the invoice will be deleted and I will have someone else take your slotI won't send you the CLIP archive, only the PNG or JPG of the final productThe commissions are for personal use only (Emotes, PNGtubers, overlays, count as personal use with me!)I accept references from other artists (For example: You want the drawing to have a pose that you saw in another drawing), But I am going to try to make the final drawing have differences with the Reference so that it is not a copy / trace of the original drawing, because that is not cool. That is, in addition to being in my style, there will also be changes (even if they are small) with the original reference if it is a drawing by another artist. And if necessary, I would also appreciate it if you would publish the credits of the original reference so that there are no misunderstandings.If you want your commission not to be uploaded to the internet, please tell me in advanceCommissions made by me can be published with credits or where my signature is visible (if my signature is covered in any way I will consider it theft of my work). If for any reason my signature is covered or removed due to cropping of the image for non-malicious reasons, then a link to my networks must be placed or credit given separatelyTalk to me through my social networks (I recommend twitter or discord), and explain me what you are looking to commission, the more detailed you are the better, so we can avoid future problems.Payment is made in USD through Paypal (You can pay it in pesos by MercadoPago only if you are from Argentina)Do a custom commission starts at $50, it can increase if there's too many details (For the custom I'll make only one Fullbody FullColor and a BaseColor version)I will NOT do NSFW of real people without their consentment (I will also not accept real references for this kind of drawings). I will also not make NSFW commissions of feral characters (ponies included)The colors, proportions and details I use in my drawings are part of my art style, if you want to commission me you cannot ask me to change my art styleI can make drawings from written descriptions, but if you can provide reference images it is much betterYou cannot edit my drawings, you cannot copy / trace / recolor them or say that you did them.No special prices / discounts / offers, prices are as published and I do not make exceptionsI have the right to refuse a commissionUse of any of my artwork or work to feed any AI is prohibitedThere are no refunds if the commission has already started, think carefully before buyingI will show you how many advances you want if you ask for them, but do not ask in excess or in short periods, that starts to put pressureI will make any corrections in the commission only if the error was my ownDon't rush me or be hostile during the commission, the time I took from the agenda, complexity of the illustration and my lifeYour commission can take me a day or more than a month, be patientAll commissions go with my signature somewhereBy purchasing any of my services, you automatically agree to my Terms of Service. Not reading them will not exempt youLet's have a friendly relationship and let me make magic with your characters